Transition Planning:

Transition services are a coordinated set of activities that facilitate our clients’ movement from school to post school activities, including post-secondary education, vocational education, supported employment, independent living and community participation. They are designed to be results-oriented and focus on improving the academic, vocational and functional achievement of the individual. Transition planning takes into account the clients’ strengths, preferences and interests. It includes instruction, related services, community experiences, and the development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives. Our team acts as your tour guide to help you navigate through this challenging process.

​Adult Services:

Our goal is to provide individuals and their families with all the tools they need throughout the lifespan.  Adults living with autism and developmental disabilities often have difficulty finding information, programs and supports that would allow them to live as independently as possible. The Silver Lining Group provides advocacy services, day treatment programs, counseling, vocational readiness training and social skills training directly to clients. In addition, the Silver Lining Group can provide consultation and coordination of linkages to housing and residential supports, employment services, recreation programs, and postsecondary educational opportunities.

Adolescent and Adult Services

Primary Site
1033 Larchwood Road
Mansfield, OH 44907

The Silver Lining Group provides many of its services to children, adolescents and adults including Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Day Treatment Programs, Advocacy, Community Based Services and Training.

Please see the service descriptions for more detailed information on these programs. In addition to those mentioned above, the Silver Lining Group provides programs specific to adolescents and adults.