Assessments are completed in a manner that is respectful and considerate of the person’s specific needs. The assessment identifies the expectations of the client and provides for the use of assistive technology or resources, as needed. The assessment gathers sufficient information to develop an individualized, person-centered plan, includes the preparation of an interpretive summary that is based on the assessment data, and identifies any co-occurring disabilities / disorders that should be addressed in the development of the individual plan.

The assessment instruments employed measure different domains of functioning:    

  • Cognitive/Intellectual Functioning 
  • Adaptive Functioning/Functional Living Skills 
  • Symptomatology 
  • Behavior Problems  
  • Achievement/Academic Assessments 
  • Social and Communication Skills

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Functional Analysis (FA):

A Functional Behavior Assessment is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s behavior. It relies on a variety of techniques and strategies to identify the cause or function of a behavior of interest. The Silver Lining Group utilizes an extensive and evidenced based approach when conducting functional behavior assessments. The assessment begins with the gathering of basic information followed by an indirect assessment. This phase is comprised of interviews that are completed by primary caregivers of the individual with the problem behavior. The final phase is the direct assessment. Our behavior analysts observe the behavior of interest as it occurs in the natural environment and take data. The information collected during the indirect and direct phases of assessment is analyzed in order to make predictions about what variables trigger and maintain the behavior, and what function the behavior serves for the individual. FBAs enable the treatment/intervention team to select appropriate interventions and develop a sound behavior plan that is tailored specifically to the individual and family’s needs. 

FBAs can be conducted in the home, community, school and/or any other environments. 

Referral Services:

Silver Lining Group facilitates referrals to meet clients’ clinical and/or personal needs. The Silver Lining Group helps individuals find the answers and resources they need to improve their lives. Whether it's consumer advocacy groups, support groups, assistance programs or other avenues of needed support, Silver Lining Group connects consumers to community services and resources, either within the Silver Lining Group or at other organizations in counties throughout Ohio.

Assessment, Diagnosis, and Referral Services

Assessment and Diagnostic Services:

Our comprehensive Assessment and Diagnostic Services offer the traditional measurements to attain diagnosis and fundamental recommendations, combined with a unique prescriptive evaluation through our optional support services.  A complete assessment of overall functioning and symptomatology is conducted to determine diagnosis.  Additional information about development, social behavior, language and medical status are obtained through parent/client and professional reports, direct observation and testing with the client.  A detailed report outlining assessment results and recommendations will follow.

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