Primary Site
1033 Larchwood Road
Mansfield, OH 44907

Morning Session: 9am -11:30am (1:2) 
Afternoon Session: 12:30pm - 3pm (1:2)
Full Day Classroom: 9am - 3pm (2:6 - 2:8) *Clients must meet minimum behavior and skill requirements and be recommended to participate in classrooms by SLG

Therapeutic After School Treatment:

Clients that are enrolled in a public or private school placement and need more intensive after school services can participate in our therapeutic after school treatment program from 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm.


The aim of our “Before and After School” Latchkey Program is to provide quality care for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, and other mental health disorders within a safe and structured environment. Latchkey is a respite program available to help our working parents with childcare before and after school/treatment hours. Latchkey services are provided in a small group format (1 staff member to 4-6 children). Warm and friendly surroundings are offered so every child will enjoy attending and programs meet the needs of each child by offering experiences and opportunities that promote interests, individuality and expression within group settings. The experiences encourage co-operation, a sense of responsibility, and promote friendship and respect towards others. It is important to note that this is not a therapeutic or intervention service

Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy:

Psychotherapy is a technique for treating mental health disorders including emotional, behavioral, personality and some psychiatric disorders. Psychotherapy helps the client and their family understand what helps them feel positive or anxious, as well as accepting their strong and weak points teaching them coping skills to deal with difficult situations successfully through the use of communication, writing, artwork, drama, narrative story or music. Our team of therapists will work with the individual and/or their family to devise an appropriate treatment plan that best meets the client’s needs. 

Social Skills Groups:

Social skills groups are designed to provide training for clients on specific social skills following widely used curriculums that meet any client’s incoming skill level. Session ratios are 1 instructor to 2-3 diagnosed clients. Based on the client’s prerequisite skills they will be placed in one of the following sessions: Introductory skill building, intermediate social skills, advanced social skill building, teen groups, or adult groups.

1:1 Intensive Intervention:

The Silver Lining Group’s philosophy is to employ research-based strategies aimed at maximizing the functioning and independence of persons served. Our treatment program’s foundation is positive reinforcement and features individualized interventions. Treatment objectives are designed to define specific competencies and measure them frequently, relative to both a peer group & the client’s intrinsic potential. This empirical rigor delivers flexibility and precision unattainable by traditional programs. Initial goals will focus on communication and the reduction of maladaptive behaviors. As the client progresses, programming will focus on academic/educational activities, daily living skills, adaptive behavior, social skill development, vocational readiness, and advanced communication skills.

Day Treatment Programs:

Many individuals with autism and other mental health disorders need more treatment than traditional outpatient therapy provides, but do not need to be confined to an overnight inpatient hospital experience. The Silver Lining Group’s Day Treatment is an intensive treatment option designed to meet these varied individual needs. Following an initial assessment, the mental health treatment team will develop an individual service plan with the client and their parents or guardian. The treatment plan is implemented by the mental health staff in individual, small group, and family therapy sessions.Our goal is to assist clients in reaching their highest potential and adaptive level of functioning in the home, community, school, and workplace. Clients participate is structured small group treatment supplemented with individual or family sessions.

Family involvement is emphasized throughout our program; family members or other support people are included in as many phases of evaluation and treatment as possible and appropriate.

Center Based Programs/Outpatient Services

Center-Based Educational/Intervention Services:

The Silver Lining Group provides an intensive program for clients who need individualized intervention. The staff to client ratio ranges from 1:1 and 1:2 to small groups of 2:8 depending on the client’s behavior and level of functioning. Each client’s intervention plan is completely individualized and established in collaboration with the client, family, and IEP/ISP team.