Primary Site
1033 Larchwood Road
Mansfield, OH 44907

Parent, Professional, and Community Training:

The Silver Lining Group provides training seminars throughout the year on a variety of skills and topics to help bring clients with special needs to their highest potential by increasing awareness and providing training and supervision for families, providers, school districts and the community. Please contact us for a list of training topics. In addition, the Silver Lining Group can customize training to meet an organization’s or individual’s needs.

School and Community Based Services:

The Silver Lining Group provides school and community based intervention services for children and adolescents. The Silver Lining Group team develops, implements, and monitors programs aimed at supporting individuals in their school and community placements as well as providing ongoing training and support for the providers in those environments. The Silver Lining Group can provide consultation within schools at the request of the school district or community placement such as behavior management consultation and functional analysis of behaviors, IEP goal development, academic consultation, peer mediation training, paraprofessional training and staff development seminars. In addition, The Silver Lining Group can provide direct care aides to work with clients in private or public school programs, vocational sites, or other community based placements. The aides provide prompts and reinforcement by being in appropriate proximity to the client and manage and implement behavior plans and goal objectives.

Outreach Services

Toilet Training Consultation & Plan Development:

Teaching toileting to children with developmental disabilities is essential to prevent future institutionalization due to a lack of independent functioning in the area of daily living skills.

Our toilet training procedures are often different than those used to reach typically developing children. Specific implementation procedures regarding toilet training are defined on a case-by-case basis utilizing research-based procedures.


1:1 Home and Community Based Behavior Technicians

Home Programs:

We offer home-based intensive intervention services and consultation for clients and their families. The Silver Lining Group team will develop, implement, and monitor behavior support plans and design programs to increase skills in the areas of social interaction, academics, play & leisure, communication, and daily living skills. A Consultant is primarily responsible for determining the client’s treatment plan in collaboration with the parents and other professionals, training the parent and home staff to implement intervention, and training the parent and staff specific to each client’s needs. Home-based technicians will provide the direct care and program implementation.