Summer Programs

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Extended School Year (ESY) Services:

Extended School Year is a program that provides children with disabilities IEP services during the summer months. Extended School Year, like most other special education programs, varies school district to school district. Depending upon your child's needs and abilities (and on your school district), it may be possible to get ESY funding for summer intervention. There are several public school districts that contract with the Silver Lining Group to provide these services.

Summer Sessions:

Silver Lining Group's summer sessions are an extension of our Center Based Educational/Intervention Services. Enrollment is open to clients that attend Silver Lining Group throughout the academic school year, as well as to clients that are enrolled in other public or private school placements during the school year. Silver Lining Group's summer sessions provide children with autism, Down syndrome, mental health disorders, and developmental disabilities a structured and fun summer environment while working on goals established by the child's IEP/ISP team.